putting the right heat into the core of the wood


On the heat treatment chambers series COPCAL TT, wooden packaging material is heated in conformity with a specific time/temperature program that can heat the core of the wood to at least 56°C for a minimum of 30 minutes. This treatment is identified by the letters HT (Heat Treatment) and conforms to the IPPC/FAO ISPM-15 standard. Heating can be obtained with hot, superheated water, steam or with an indirect gas generator.

  • capacity from 200 to 2200 pallets per heat treatment cycle;
  • possibility of carrying out drying cycles;
  • load-bearing structure in AISI/304 stainless steel;
  • polyurethane or high density mineral wool insulation;
  • heating by means of direct gas-powered generator or heating coils using hot water, steam or diathermic oil;
  • electrical equipment for ventilation, heating, humidification, ejection and cooling;
  • loading by means of front fork lift trucks;
  • automatic Dryer-wood process control;
  • "computerized system with the printing of the heat treatment report.