ideal solutions for quick, economical drying

Series COPCAL KDS-FW5 "Firewood dryers"

High quality dry firewood

Our Copcal KDS-FW5 series firewood dryers ensure high efficiency and fast, even drying of the wood. Our dryers perform artificial drying cycles that reproduce, in just a short time, the natural seasoning that would otherwise take many months, even under optimal conditions. Various dryer models are available, with loading capacities from 4 to 24 pallets. Where customers so require, we also provide custom-sized dryers to meet specific needs.

Benefits of this choice

  • Drying in 48-72 hours (in contrast, natural drying occurs in between 9 and 24 months of seasoning).
  • Maximum heating value thanks to low moisture contents (drying to reduce moisture contents from 50% to 20% increases the heating value of the wood by 100%).
  • Enhanced combustion with lower emission of substances harmful to health and the environment.
  • Pale coloured wood without molds, insects or parasites.
  • Easy plant management.
  • Minimum economic outlay.
  • System made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium to resist the aggressive corrosion of acids released by wood during the drying phases.
  • Energy saving thaks to use of inverter drive.
  • Automatic drying process management.
  • A Drying Report can be printed off to certify quality.